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iphone app development


Job Description

we are an android development company and need a long term iphone developer who can develop iOS apps for us:
- we need an app for iphone that will start on phone boot up. web and designs have been done you just have to develop iOS app
- user authenticates from web and gets login,then app will monitor his speed in background (web services will be provided to you)
- when speed reaches to 10m/h this app will actiavted and come on front of screen. as green screen shows its activated
- all calls and sms will be disabled and a cutomized autoreply will be sent to all users who calls or texts
- when app is activated, it will remain on screen and it can not be minimized by home button. or no other app can come on screen until this app is activated
- user can set upto 5 whitelist numbers, and can change autorply text from settings
- user can click call, and can call to 911 and open maps, and music app by clicking their icons on our app screen, (no other app can be opened)
- log will be sent to web that will consist of numbers who called when app is on. how much time it remained on,
- app can be turned on/off with manual button on screen.
2nd case:
- or parent can disable this app from web panel, in that case it will not activated when speed increases from 10m/h, in this case app will montor his calling numbers, his speed, and his destinations he visitedall web services will be provided to you
- web reports have been done you just have to integrate them with app
we need this app to be done as soon as possible, no longer then 12-14 days
as all designs and web application has been completed
app screen designs and web services will be provided to selected candiate.

Skills: iphone-development, iphone-sdk

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