Part-Time Field Agent in Bahrain

Part-Time Field Agent in Bahrain


Job Description

We are a Danish market research company specialising in visual marketing analysis. Currently we are making a market research in stores in Bahrain and are looking for people to help us with this research.

Job requires to take some photos of the product in stores around Bahrain. You will be provided with a document, stating what kind of pictures we are interested in and a few questions for you to answer. The job is uploaded online in our system when carried out. There are no criteria of skills for carrying out this job. All you will need is a camera or smart phone and access to Internet.

You will be paid per store you choose to accept, the minimum of payment is therefore 15 US Dollars - and the limit for how many stores you are willing to visit is set by you.

If you are interested, please visit our website to get more information about it.

You need to be located in BAHRAIN.

Skills: research, marketing