Scrape Web For Mobile Numbers From a List Of Realtors I Already Have

Scrape Web For Mobile Numbers From a List Of Realtors I Already Have


Job Description

I have edited this project so it is about 10% of the records to scrape as before.

I am looking for someone who can take a spreadsheet list of Realtors from NC and SC that I have and find their mobile number. I have the Realtors name, email address, city and zip code for you to use in searching for their mobile number.

there are a total of 37141 records.

I need MOBILE numbers only. NOT OFFICE OR LAND LINE.

I would like a fixed price.

I will call the numbers from a sample of your results to test and to confirm that you are getting mobile numbers and not office or land line numbers.

I am open to you getting me the data or creating me a script or application that will get it for me as long as it is accurate for getting mobile numbers and is web based.

This should be a simple project for someone who knows what their doing. I also have many more similar projects if this one turns out well.

You may have to use a script or scraper then manually look up the rest.

Most Realtors have their cell/mobile number online somewhere, you just have to find out where.

I cannot give you specific website to scrape or search as each realtor may have their number on different websites or on their personal website.

You will either have to create a scraper or manually search for their name, the word "Realtor", and the words "cell" or "mobile"

For Example:

Bob Smith Realtor columbia south carolina cell mobile

The look at the search results to find a page that has the realtors cell/mobile number on it then add it to the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet already has about 5-7% of their cell numbers on it.

I have attached a sample with 1000 records for you to test before you bid if you like.


Larry Goins

PS: I have attached a sample of 100 records for you to test.

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