Lottery Investment Win Smart Book Website

Lottery Investment Win Smart Book Website


Job Description

I need a quality Web Developer to design a E-Commerce website for me with SEO, CRM, link to other Website, and all the necessary functions to sells my product.

I am a beginner in Marketing Management class with focus on E-Commerce. I am not be able to master all the Web design in short time, and I don't want to use the template to design my own Website that why I try to hire someone to do it for me. As a student with limit budget, if you think, your experienced can do it faster to save money for me, please accept my invitation.

My product is lottery investment system to help people increase the odds of winning lottery, and reduces a ton of tickets numbers combination to buy. I call it, a two stages Definite Structure Proportional Reduction Lottery Investment Winning System.

My Website will offer three different products/services

1. The customer can direct to buy my lottery investment E-book online download.
2. One to one coaching to teach customer how to use and operate my lottery investment system.
3. From time to time schedule workshop for a group of people to learn my lottery investment system.

Skills: design, coaching, marketing, management