(1) Wordpress Website Application & Payment Page & (2) Log-in to Moodle

(1) Wordpress Website Application & Payment Page & (2) Log-in to Moodle


Job Description

Hi I have a special request regarding my website at www.piagroup.kr/learnx/ and my moodle website: www.piagroup.kr/corner/

1) With the "Join Us (Registration)" page on www.piagroup.kr
-I want to create an application page here that will give an option of paying in Korean won (for programs taking place in Korea) and in U.S. dollars (for our programs taking place in the States). The Korean won option will be attached to our bank account in Korea, and the U.S. dollar one to our bank account in the U.S.

2) I would like to connect my Moodle website to my LearnX website so that participants will be able to sign in to Moodle using a function on a header in our website.

3) One specific thing is, if participants have not paid their tuition after they have applied, then when they log in with their username and password (they will be given this after they finish the application form) they will automatically go to the page on my wordpress website where they can pay it online. But if they have paid already, then they will automatically be sent to the Moodle website.

Do you think you can help me with this???

How much time do you think it will take??

Thanks a lot!