Senior iOS Developer

Senior iOS Developer


Job Description

We are a startup working on a version 2.0 release of our product. We are developing the server-side backend component as well as the new frontend web interface. We have completed all design and product requirements for the 2.0 release of the web frontend and an iPhone app.

We are seeking an experienced iOS developer to work with our team and implement the iOS application for iPhone release. We will provide all of the server APIs that you need to interact with our service, and we will provide you with all the design assets that you need. We simply need someone to execute our vision.

To make sure that you read this posting in its entirety and show that you are serious about this position, please put the word "agenda" on the first line of your response.

To apply for this position, please provide the following information:

* Your name and contact info
* Your location and time zone
* Your level of fluency in English (high level english not required)
* How many hours you are available to work each week
* The hours you are available to work each day
* Samples of your work (apps in the app store and code samples)
* Your resume/CV
* Your background with programming, especially Objective-C
* Optional: references

Candidates who submit references will be considered first. A Skype interview will be required, just to chat about your background and explain the project in more detail.

We are looking for candidates who have a passion for programming, development, and producing quality code. We are interested in establishing a long-term relationship.

IMPORTANT: We require, at least at first, that you use the Work Diary with screen shots enabled. We can discuss alternative arrangements once our relationship is established.

Skills: iphone-sdk, iphone-development, english