Need a web scraper program to gather specific information

Need a web scraper program to gather specific information


Job Description

Here is what I need this program/web application/script or whatever you feel is the best cheapest most effective way to build it.
Here is what I need it to do:
1.) use specific (included and addable) web footprints to find websites
2.) grab contact information (URL, Phone, Address, Business name, business owners name, and especially email) from those websites
3.) have sorting and filtering functions to exclude certain information like (sort by business name, city, email address etc)
4.) Awesome slick looking user interface
5.) ability to add proxies for data gathering
6.) get google ranking for websites business type and location
7.) ability to export data into excel and or csv file

These would be cool but not required:
ability to send email directly from application
or ability to sync with outlook or other desktop email application
ability to track email opens
html email support and templates

Please quote a flat rate and what features you can include in that pricing.

Skills: software-development, internet-applications