[URGENT][PSDtoHTML] Twitter Bootstrap Website

[URGENT][PSDtoHTML] Twitter Bootstrap Website


Job Description


We are developing an e-commerce website which is dedicated to fashion clothes. We are looking for a skilled integrator who works fast.

Requirements - Our website has to be based on twitter bootstrap framework (and knew html5/CSS3 rules). Moreover your code must be SEO-friendly (it will be check by one of our SEO-expert).

Need - Firstly you will have to integrate the Home Page. If we work well together, you could integrate the whole website.
Send us an example of your work: We will favor integrators who can send us an example of his/her work based on twitter boostrap framework (HTML/CSS)

Deadline - Our deadline for the Home Page integration is: 07/15/2013

Attachment - you will find attached an extract of the specifications and jpeg of the Home page

About us - We are a French team of skilled web-project managers and we are looking for a long-term partner.

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