PHP developer for Wordpress/Zend Framework (speaking Russian)

PHP developer for Wordpress/Zend Framework (speaking Russian)


Job Description

We are looking for a PHP Programmer with strong experience of development for Wordpress. The task is to extend existing website for a hotel. The position will entail:

1. Working in a team of developers. Results of work are uploaded and reviewed via BitBucket & Basecamp.
2. Using Zend Framework to build hotel booking system.
2. Wordpress plugin modifications (this will be tweaking and extending existing plugin, not developing new ones)
3. Support of Javascript/jQuery code.
4. Speaking Russian and English

Contractor requirements

We want someone who’s skilled and can take responsibility seriously. In addition, we’re seeking:

1. Good working knowledge and experience in WordPress development, PHP, JavaScript, Zend Framework, HTML+CSS. Ability to write clean, object-oriented code. Know how to set up local copy of the working site for purposes of development.
2. Knowledge of git. Merges, branching, tags, remote repos, etc.
3. Should be easily reachable by email or Skype, and don`t be afraid to raise questions and offers. Don`t hide problems, speak about them.

How to apply

Please send me your cover letter (in Russian) along with samples of your work. In the cover letter, please include:

1. Your relevant experience for this project
2. Your set of working tools which you intend to use for this job
3. Example of some working mistake you did and how it was corrected by you afterwards

About the company

We own a Nepali-based hotel with the website in Wordpress. Our intention is to build a world`s best hotel site.