Syllabus writers needed! Topics ranging from tech to marketing! $75 each

Syllabus writers needed! Topics ranging from tech to marketing! $75 each


Job Description

Smarterer is on the lookout for talented professionals to write up short syllabi for our skill assessment tests!

Simply take one of our multiple choice assessments and then write out 3-5 bullet points covering the main topics and ideas within the assessment content.

For example a test on "Dogs" would have a syllabus with bullets such as:

- Canine diet
- Different dog breeds
- Grooming techniques
- etc.

It doesn't have to be extremely detailed or complex, just a sound synopsis of the skills needed to achieve a high score within the test.

We're looking for someone who is very familiar with the skill-set within a test, so they can best explain the test content and won't skip over anything unskilled eyes might overlook.

With that in mind we are using the tests themselves to assess an appropriate syllabus writer.

This specific job offering covers a range of common design and media tools.

To Apply:

- After signing up at , take any of the following 2-3 minute multiple choice assessments you want to write for:

- Once you receive your scores send them to us via oDesk's messaging system.

- Include the email address you used to sign into Smarterer in the message

We will take into account both the Smarterer test scores and information from oDesk profiles to choose the appropriate candidate.

Once hired, we will explain the syllabi creation process in more detail. We will be reviewing candidates over the next week or two and will hire for each individual topic.

Good luck!

( Contact outside of oDesk: )

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