Senior Developer to Understand Current Application Code and Dive and cary it forward

Senior Developer to Understand Current Application Code and Dive and cary it forward


Job Description

We currently have a web based software application that is written in Zend PHP and Java Struts with mongodb, sql, sqlite for database engines.

If you are a J2EE & Struts expert or a zend php expert - or both.. we are looking for you.

The application is complex in that it generates a good deal of dynamic content for end users that we manage. It is also integrated through API into Vertical Response to process and send ~150k emails per month.

The application has both wordpress web hosting and html file based (legacy) webhosting.

The basic functionality of the tool is - sign up a new user, add them to the system with all of their branding and domain info, setup a wordpress instance for them, process email for their account that are templates and branded as their business, drop the templates over to VR for sending, receive back send and bounce data, report on the data.

The application is about 4 years old and has a lot of legacy code and modules that are no longer used.

Source code is in SVN

In order to apply for this job you have to LOVE a challenge! You have to be willing to dive in and figure things out. You have to be the person that the senior person calls when something seems impossible to make work.

Have you ever heard "that app will never work like that" and 48 hours later you were presenting the solution that made it work exactly like that --- if so you are the person we are looking for!

Your initial task will involve a lot of application configuration as we set the production app up to run on a new environment - we have a senior network / server person and they need a good developer counterpart.

If you want to interview for this job please respond with the following

- years experience
- link to the most complicated application you have built
- what your favorite color is
- hours you would be available to work and starting when
- good time to interview

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