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Job Description

We are developing a suite of applications to help automate golf club operations in the UK. Most of the work is well under control but we have a new and urgent requirement to development a very simple application to capture the details of walk-in visitors to golf clubs who are not otherwise know or registered in the golf club systems.

1. On first visit to a participating golf club, golfers will be required to provide basic data data in order for the golf club to meet its insurance obligations.
2. The golfer would register for the scheme at the golf club by completing an appropriate paper based form. The data would then be entered into the Visitor Registration system by golf club staff or forwarded to a central location where this would be done.
3. After completing the standard registration form, the golfer would then receive a plastic card bearing a unique identifying number.
4. On future visits to participating golf clubs, the golfer would show the card and have it swiped or scanned by the golf club in order for them to collect the registration data. It is anticipated the card would carry the registration number only either as an RFID chip or barcode.

We are therefore looking for individual contractors (not companies) to develop:
• A database to capture the golfer's information
• A web-based form to enter the data.
• Implementation of a card reader and related software to capture details from the cards being swiped.

If you wish to be considered for this, your bid MUST include the following
• Demonstrable experience in development using the LAMP stack of technologies and the hardware needed for this project
o Demonstrable means:
examples and referees that are willing to testify of your behalf – we will be checking
A resume detailing your background and experience .
• A recommendation on the type of card reader or scanner to be used and an explanation as to why you believe your suggestion is suitable.

Bids that do not include all of the above will be discarded.

We'd also like to know if you have any previous experience with golf-related technologies or projects. This is not essential but if the choice come down to someone with golfing experience and someone without…well you can figure which way it will fall

Your bid should start with: "I am an independent contractor and my resume is attached." If either of those conditions turns out to be false your bid will be discarded.