Create Promotional Print and Marketing material.

Create Promotional Print and Marketing material.


Job Description

We're looking for a graphic designer with deep expertise in designing marketing and promotional material. We are developing a marketing and product launch plan and need print materials for branding.

The job will entail:

1. Creating layouts and designs of various promotional items
2. Designing the brand positioning according to brand colors
3. Creating symbols and icons that would be used for design work and presentation of work in various formats.

Contractor requirements

We are looking for a contractor that has the following skills:

1. Strong print graphic design background
2. Understanding of online branding and software branding
3. Ability to re-create customer thoughts and feelings
4. Understanding of icons and symbols

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your background in graphic design, and how much time you’ve spent in print design projects
2. Your interest in start-ups and how you review the various brand strategies

In addition, please submit a portfolio of your work with particular emphasis on print promotional design projects. Samples of flyers, tee shirt designs, roll-up banners emphasized

About the company

We are a start-up online business solutions company. We aim to replicate the experience of legacy based software online wit much better feel.

Skills: marketing, design