Need long-term relationship with .NET MVC Developer

Need long-term relationship with .NET MVC Developer


Job Description

Our team need a .NET developer who has expert knowledge and experience using MVC framework. We are using version 4.0 and Visual Studio 2012.

Our project will be going through phased development through the next 5-8 months, and we are looking for someone who could begin working immediately.

As the developer becomes more knowledgeable about the project this could increase.

We'd prefer the developer have experience in building web applications that are UI/UX design centered. The look and feel of the application is extremely important.

The developer should have knowledge of social media and how to integrate social media authentication and registration.

Developer must be willing to commit code daily to our source control, because they will be working with our in-house developers to build the web application.

- You must be proficient in using .net, sql server and visual studio 2012
- Working knowledge of Git (the project source will be hosted on bitbucket)
- You must be able to quickly grasp task both complex and simple
- You must have more than 4 years + in the required language
- You must also have expert knowledge in html, css and javascript (jQuery)
- You must be comfortable with giving weekly updates on each of your tasks
- You must pay attention to detail in the functionality that we require
- You must be able to work well with the team and converse with other developers on tasks.

Skills: .net, mvc, design