Java J2EE Developer

Java J2EE Developer


Job Description

SmartOffice Technologies Ltd wish to recruit a senior software developer to develop a proxy that connects to Cloud file store services and (EMAIL) mailbox to fetch files,
messages and attachments respectively for delivery to a connected mobile application. SmartOffice Technologies Ltd, with headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland is looking for an senior engineer experienced in Java technology to fill the role of a backend developer.

Key Responsibilities:
• J2EE Application development
• Analysis and design of projects, product & solutions
• Code Optimisation for performance and execution speed
• Working to set deadlines

Education / Qualifications
Bachelors degree or above in Computer Science or Software Engineering.

Technical Competencies:
Candidates must have at least 5 years working with J2EE technology development. Skills and competencies necessary are

• Grails and Groovy
• Strong OO design experience.
• Familiarity with Network protocols such as; HTTP, TCP, SOCKETS
• Knowledge of data exchange formats like XML and JSON
• Knowledge of Web Services, REST and XML RPC
• Hands-on experience with Design Patterns and UML.
• Understand Mail Protocols and Java Messaging API
• Good Understanding of Web Services and Cloud Services API for Dropbox, or etc
• J2EE (EJB, JMS, Web Services, Servlet/JSP and JSF)
• Database Management (MySQL, SQL, SQLite)
• SQL and database design (especially MySQL/Oracle)
• Hibernate
• Python/Perl Script

Experience with Tomcat/JBOSS Application Server would be an advantage for the
candidates.The candidates must have strong Design Patterns and Object Oriented Development experience, be familiar with UML notations and diagrams and preferably know Agile Software Development principles. Finally, experience of implementing and deploying large scale systems and knowledge of clustering and load balancing will be highly advantageous. Experience in working and communicating in English language. Successful candidates will be comfortable in design and development software such as:

• Netbeans
• Groovy & Grails
• Eclipse
• Servlets
• JavaBeans
• OpenNLP
• JBoss
• Apache Geronimo (Tomcat)
• Development experience in a structured environment

Strong communication and team-working skills
Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
Ability to work to deadlines
Strong attention to detail

Skills: analysis, design, science, json, management, agile, english, servlets, apache