Uploadify with Basic Form

Uploadify with Basic Form


Job Description

We are a printing company looking to update our current file upload system. We would like the functionality to be the same, but with the benefits and sleek design of the uploadify plugin.

Here's what we need:

Using uploadify, create a file upload form that will enable users to upload multiple files at once. The form must be able to pass form data via email. It should include basic form fields such as name, email address, phone number and a comments section.

The form will also need a drop down of "Sales Reps" that will just correspond to an email address.

The form data will need to be emailed to up to 3 different email addresses:

1. User defined email address input into form - a basic confirmation
2. User selected "Sales Rep" - this will be email to the sales rep selected
3. A static address define in config

Each of the three email confirmations will need to have their own html template.

Please see out current uploader: http://upload.midtownprinting.com