Need Flex Interface for Drawing Bezier Curves on Images

Need Flex Interface for Drawing Bezier Curves on Images


Job Description

Budget for this Flex web app is 600$ USD

This is the first of two web apps (each will be 600$ USD) and will share common functionality. We are looking for an experienced flex developer with a solid understanding of uml, good class design, quadratic bezier curves, image upload and json. If you are successful in implementing this project, we will use you for the second one.

Below is the full spec for this app:

To be selected, please send code samples of flex projects you've done in the past that have some sort of drawing component. We're looking for clean code style and excellent class design and organization.

Since this is the first of two apps that will share common functionality, we need modular classes that can be re-used. Please see this link for a guide on how to break the functionality into different classes:

Once you're selected, the 600$ budget for this project will be broken into the following milestones:

30$ Milestone 1: UML diagram based on the spec
120$ Milestone 2: gui, vector drawing and json file export. You may export to disk for this pass
60$ Milestone 3: Provided an end point url, export the expected json format to that url.
60$ Milestone 4: Import of uploaded data with the dialog, we will provide the url for retrieving data.
330$ Milestone 5: Finish everything else (bounding boxes, rotating, scaling, pivots, tree widget)

Each milestone will require you to send a project file for verification before moving on to the next milestone. We have a team of developers who will review your work to ensure the best software design and quality. For each milestone, you would get 50% of the milestone amount upfront and 50% after the completion of the milestone. If at any milestone, we can't come to an agreement that it's complete, we would pay out 75% of the milestone fee for your trouble and end the contract. This milestone system is designed so that you get paid for your work and we can check it as you progress and you won't waste any of your time with revisions.

Please feel free to ask any clarifying questions about the spec. If you've read this entire description, please add the word "jumpstar" to your first private message. Messages that don't have this word will be considered spam and be ignored.

Also, please send over some code samples of your previous work. Preferably (but not necessarily) something to do with the drawing api. We're looking for clean and well reasoned class design. If you are under NDA for that code, please provide asdoc so we can see the interfaces for your classes:

Thanks for your time.

Skills: software-development, mathematics, design, drawing, json, import

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