Job Description

This posting is ONLY for Eastern European Programmers .

We are looking for Frontend Developer to join our team. Simple CRM creation

The idea is to built simple CRM system where it will be possible:

- to add/edit client data ( name, email, website, notes)

- to add add and move clients to categories and subcategories

- to be able to check if there is such e-mail/url already in the database when adding a client

- to be able to send an email to a specific categories (don't know if we can use gmail pop account for that or better just use e-mail send function on server)

- for each client to have a history of e-mail sent with dates and message text

- to be able to import/export client data via csv or tab delimited txt file - whichever you think is better. Upon import there also must be visual log with output of any errors (for example there is already that e-mail in database) and success message.

Our Requirements:

- Expert level in PHP5 / Unit Testing and OOP

- Experience in PHP Frameworks ( ZEND, Yii, any custom framework that is reliable )

- Expert level in CSS3, HTML 5 and JavaScript

- Passionate about quality and details is a must

- Good knowledge of English

Experience with LAMP administration would also be a big plus!



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