Custom Solution for Google Images (hotlink)

Custom Solution for Google Images (hotlink)


Job Description

Note: Please don't just copy/paste your experience and history. I will ignore agencies/freelancers who do that.

What I want is someone that can offer me a custom solution for my problem, how they're going to implement it and how it will work.

I run a blog using wordpress cms and traffic has dropped ever since Google launched their new method of showing Google images which does not include an iframe.

To counter this problem I found 2 solutions on the web:

1. When you click on "View Original" When using Google Images it redirects to the page that has the image, rather that a direct link to the image. Which then counts as 1 visit.

I would like to see what solutions agencies/freelancers can offer me here on ODesk. Whether it's the ones I mentioned or other methods.

Please note the method you suggest must not be illegal and must not result in my images getting deindexed from Google! This is very important.

i am using Apache Server