Pinterest style website

Pinterest style website


Job Description

We are looking for a programmer that can replicate the basic presentation style and backend functionality of a website like

The website will essentially be an online magazine for customers of an automative company, with 5-6 new stories being added every month. New content should be easily updated on our own via some content management system.

There should also be a mobile version of the site for users who view the site on mobile phones (again, similar to

Design and layout of the site, including all web-ready graphics, has already been done. What we need is a skilled programmer who can do the programming end, as well as potentially the ongoing maintenance in the long-term.

From what we understand, a site similar to will use a lot of jquery and php. Do advise further as to the technical requirements.

Other features required are:
1) Search functionality
2) organisation of content according to 'issue' (4-6 issues a year)
3) social-networking sharing function

The programmer we are looking for should have:
1. Successfully developed similar websites (in terms of functionality)
2. Strong experience in general website development
3. Has great organizational and time-management skills to get work done on schedule

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your experience, including examples of past work
2. Your familiarity with pinterest style websites, or websites like, and any contributions you’ve made on them
3. The way you would think about working on this project
4. Estimated hours required to set up the initial site, with about 12 pages of content (excluding the front page)