Multi Tast Assistance in Spain

Multi Tast Assistance in Spain


Job Description

In Spain,
I am looking to hire a high motivated person to help in online service. You must be a hardworking, reliable, flexible, multitask worker.
A Spanish speaker and who LIVES in Spain.
Looking for someone who is available (to be able to answer phone calls at anytime of the day) - call routed to a mobile. Flexible daily telephone/email alert.
One that has experience in customer service and good phone skills to convince and also sell. A little knowledge of English is maybe needed to communicate.
Things we will expect you to do are as follows: -
- Respond to phone calls & email from contact formula by calling back
- Update a spreadsheet
- Explain and Provide minimal info to the caller.
- Prepare to receive post at own address ( just at the start of business until virtual office is sorted), and be able to do some postage.
Payment is on commission as follows -

till-2990euro - 10%
ab-4000euro - 15%

Details will be explained when interested person is chosen.

Skills: english