Looking for 3D sculpture character designer for board game project

Looking for 3D sculpture character designer for board game project


Job Description

We are looking for an 3d sculpture to do full body character models for a fantasy board game. These designs will be turned into real live sculpts for both moving pieces and collectable miniatures so they need to be pretty detailed. These are 9 different fantasy races so appearance varies but all all mostly look human (minus horns tails etc)

We are looking for-
-9 total character sculpts, full body. Matching our artists work is a huge plus!
-a decently fast turn around
-Creativity! Someone able to take half body sketches and a description and turn it into a 3d full body sculpt, these characters will have armor.
-someone who is willing to get delayed payment for their work.
-someone dedicated and able to be contacted easily.
- Samples of past character art and/or do a head sculpt from one of the race samples we have below :)
*************** Art *********************
Sample off full body from our artist- http://i5spiders.deviantart.com/art/Naix-Beginnings-2-348238519

A few samples sketches of our actual characters-

**This is a project and we do not have the money to pay immediately, but once we get some core artwork done we will have funding coming in. We appreciate hard work and would like that you put your rate per character EVEN if it is above our "budget" We do plan on paying, and need an accurate amount.**

budget price is per character