Django-template based application

Django-template based application


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Following are the details for Django project:

A web application we are currently using (codename Waloo) was developed with Zope 2 (v 2.12) and we'd like to turn it into a Django-template based application (target Django is v 1.1.4).

Waloo is a business intelligence application, where data is fetched from our database using existing python methods (which you are not expected to change). Waloo mostly uses plain ZPTs for html templates and Formulator (v 1.10) for forms. We would like the new Waloo to use the Django templates instead of ZPTs. We do not need any Django models.

2 screen-shoots give a sample view of Waloo are attached.

Waloo is composed of less than 100 files (~9 000 lines of ZPT templates including 50 ZPT macros, and one swiss-army knife Formulator form defined in ~700 lines of xml).

The files will be provided upon request to help assess the port workload.

We will provide a test environement with a working Zope + test database + code for the existing python methods called by the python code.

Unit tests for each waloo page will be requested. A code review from a Django expert will be done prior to integration in our codebase.

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