Helicon Ape Expert required

Helicon Ape Expert required


Job Description

To implement reverse proxy and URL rewrite using Helicon Ape
Helicon Ape is installed on ARR server
ARR server is on IIS7

To implement the following;

Our company has multiple apps hosted in our internal network which includes our mail server and other web applications. Currently we have direct NAT from public to the corresponding web app using multiple public IP static address.

Instead of having multiple public IP NAT configurations, we intend to use IIS AAR server. So what we need is someone to help us out to configure the AAR server to route http/https request to the corresponding server based on http://<domainvalue>/<urlvalue>

We are looking for someone who has implemented IIS AAR and is able to configure as per our project needs. We will be providing you with a test environment (as per diagram) to test out your solutions.

The following needs to be done
1. The reverse proxy must be setup with IIS 7.0 and ARR.

2. The external facing IIS will have DNS of http://www.domain.com/webapp1 or http://webapp1.domain.com

3. The internal application has DNS of http://dc01/webapp1 (dc01 can be hosting several websites. And other web apps can also be hosted on other servers.

4. Any requests for "http" must redirect to "https" first for certain application.

5. Please view the diagram for detailed configuration of all other web apps.

6. In summary, based on the external dns name of http://<domainvalue>/<urlvalue>;, it will route to appropriate website folder within the same server / or different server in our internal network

Upon successful configurations in the test environment, you will need to guide us through implementing your solution in our production environment. Step-by-step instuctions must be documented so we can try roll this out to production ourselves.

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