Developing a gamified Social discovery platform on Android

Developing a gamified Social discovery platform on Android


Job Description

We have already developed a android app and intergrated database. We require someone to join the team to take it forward to the next stage. Refining the user experience, adding functions, debugging and database management through the user testing stage.

The Android version currently has areas where there are crashes. These need to be fixed so that the app can go forward for user testing.

Also required is an overlay instruction system which presents the user with graphics, indicating how the app should be used. The system should show a series of arrows and messages indicating how the user should use the app.

Must use a Version control (system).
Must update Project documentation (i.e. Project Structure Explanation,detailed specification, web service specs)
Would be handy to know Flurry Analytics.

Skills required

• Strong understanding of object oriented programming and best practices and exposure to event-based programming principles
• Knowledge of software development design patterns

A good understanding of Java and Android, with preferably one to two years active Android development experience and/or previous apps released on Google Play which you can demonstrate. Alternatively experience with iPhone development or other programming but must have six months to a years demonstrable experience working with the Android platform.

• Computer Science BSc (2:1 or higher) or equivalent
• Preferably based in the UK and located near London to meet for discussions regarding feedback and project progress

Thank you

Skills: iphone-sdk, debugging, android-sdk, graphics, design, science, web-services, management