Seeking coder for a Volusion website

Seeking coder for a Volusion website


Job Description


I am looking for someone who can adapt Volusion for a rental software. Currently Volusion only allows to sell items.
I need a coder who can change the cart/buying pages. Among the tasks are:
* "Calculate shipping options" will only show one state and needs to be customized for the zipcodes where this company delivers
* Add custom questions to "Shipping information" questionnaire, such as time of delivery and time of pick up.
* Other customization

Send me:
* a list of Volusion projects you worked on and mention exactly what you did
* what type of coding languages you know, and how well you know them
* how long you have been coding
* your rate
* how many hours per week you can work
* what days and times you can work (PST)

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