Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager


Job Description

Social Media Manager
I need a well-rounded person who can follow directions and help me manage my social media profiles.

Must have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & Pheed

Three Main Profiles and tags that follow every time something is posted:

A) Danny Estrella (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pheed) @Just_James412, @ChrisOXNYC, @Jonasarequiajr

B) Music2theMax (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pheed) @DannyEstrella, @DJDannyEstrella, @Just_James412, @ChrisOXNYC, @Jonasarequiajr

C) Sunday Brunch Party (Twitter) @DannyEstrella, @DJDannyEstrella, @Just_James412, @ChrisOXNYC, @Jonasarequiajr

*Each of these profile are used for marketing different parts of our company.

A)Danny Estrella's profile is used for any Club events and Brunch Party's that we have coming up. (this profile is catering more to the younger crowd)

B)Music2theMax profile is used for weddings and corporate events (never post club events on this profile) (this needs to be a professional profile)

C)Sunday Brunch Party profile is used only to promote brunches that we market. (Beauty & Essex is our on going Sunday Brunch)

**Post on each of the three profiles above 2X a day (once in the morning/afternoon) and (once in the evening)

**As far as what the post should contain we want to reach out to people using American terminology so you must know the American/English language very well.

Example of a Club Post:

1.)As we proceed ... (Date) ...come by (location)
2.)The party continues this week at ...(location) (date) ....join me

Example of a Wedding Salon Post:

1.)Be sure to come check us out on (date) at the (location)

2.)Any newly engaged come out (date) for the Wedding Salon at (location)

Example of a Brunch Party Post:

1.)The party continues this week at B&E's Champagne Brunch, (date)

2.)Come join us (date) for some great music at B&E's Champagne Brunch

***It is also necessary to generate likes and followers for all three profiles.

***You will also be asked to create events and anything else involving Social Media that needs attention.

James A. Andrea
Director of Operations

Skills: twitter, facebook