Symfony and Javascript code refactor

Symfony and Javascript code refactor


Job Description

We have an existing Symfony2 web application that is buggy. Many of the bugs are hard to track down and related to javascript.

The front end has a good amount of javascript and is buggy, including the separate mobile views built in jquery mobile UI.

This project is to go through all the code of the site and refactor the code, and then respond to bug fixes after the new code is updated and sent into production.
see app:
user: testuser
pass: testuser

The app is built on Twitter Bootstrap and Jquery with a Symfony2 backend.

The app is documented and commented and built relatively clean

See deps (

The code is laid out following best practices:

The code was built by one dev team and all code commits are within a repository to see history if required. Also all of the Issues and work were tracked within Github.