Interview Setter! No SELLING required! HOURLY PLUS BONUS! Earn over $240 per week/$6 per hour

Interview Setter! No SELLING required! HOURLY PLUS BONUS! Earn over $240 per week/$6 per hour


Job Description

Dear Contractor,

We are a Fortune 500 Company with over 132 years experience. We offer Long Term Care to Seniors, Final Expenses and Retirement Income in Los Angeles California .

We are looking for few Experienced FEMALE Agents with phone skills, who has superb communication skills and PLEASE NO STRONG ACCENT to contact our Applicants that sent their resumes for job opening position on our behalf and set up the personal interview with our managers . (guys if you submit application, they will be automatically declined)

A script will be provided. There is no selling required. You will simply need to follow the script and fill up time on my boss's calendar. Strong communication skills are a must and office experience is a plus! We need someone to be available 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm PST ( Los Angeles Time ) and can schedule at least 20 people to show up each day for us .

"we will provide you as much as resume information as you need plus phone system ". We are result oriented but very considerate with our contractors. We provide everything the contractor needs in order to get things done.

To apply, please be sure you meet everything listed below:

1. Pleasant telephone voice, able to speak English clearly, fluently, and without a strong accent

2.Fast internet connection ;

3. Must have functional headset with microphone;

4.Can work during LOS ANGELES time -pacific times- between 8am to 6pm- business hours

5. Ability to Follow Directions and show up to all our training and conference call everyday at 8 am .

6.Candidate must be:
Team player
Leadership skills
Open Communication

** Most Important One " A Great Attitude"** .

Resumes for real people that sent their background to us or post their resume online and they are looking for a very respectful company to work with, therefore you must be able to keep track of the calls made on a daily basis, and the disposition of the calls. You are expected to submit a detailed log of your daily activities.

We are looking to find a long term contractor and we are even ok to pay you over $10 per hour if you prove yourself that you are right person for this project. Successful candidates must possess the personal skills necessary to succeed in the given task. Successful candidates that show remarkable performance will be given a corresponding rate increases. Promotional opportunities exist for outstanding representatives.Please reply with this job description mentioning your favorite COLOR as your first word.

P.S ( Very important )

If you want us to do your final interview faster and hire you soon, you may be want to attach your voice recording following this script here and we will promise to contact you asap and get you start it as soon as possible . Just know we only have few slot open for this position and needs to be fill asap. so apply today and get to work tomorrow and start making real money .

Looking forward to hearing from you and have you in our winning team.

Thank you


Skills: english, training, leadership

Open Attachment