C2C Ecommerce Website About Fashion

C2C Ecommerce Website About Fashion


Job Description

Hi, I am looking to create a website based on C2C commerce. It will not be a auction based website. There will be only buy now selection.

This website will be about fashion and clothing. So website's design should be really good and simple. Customers can sell their products on this website. Every customer will have a individual store page. And also at the homepage, there will be a slide show on the top and under it there will be products that i choose from customers.

When a customer wants to buy a product, she will pay for price. And the money will go to our pool account. Then seller will ship the item. When buyer confirms that she get the item, the system will send the money to seller - with %10-%9 cut.

The design, the sign up form, the buttons and all things about website should be simple. I really don't like complex websites. In our website people will be able to sign up in seconds and put their products on the market in minutes. Also for buying part is the same.

I am sending this link for a reference to what i mean in saying "simple". I like this website's simpleness, but i don't like this website's design also. :

And also we will talk all other details when we start to do business together. This explain is the draft of this project.

Thank you,
Hope i can work with you.