Excellent telemarketing professional for UK & AUS_Philippines Only

Excellent telemarketing professional for UK & AUS_Philippines Only


Job Description

Experienced Appointment setters for Australia and UK Experienced Customer Service Executives Experienced Marketing Managers

Experienced Account Managers Experienced Japanese Telemarketer Experienced Mandarin Telemarketer

Salaries are negotiable depending on your experience and quality of English comprehension

Submit your proposal with your recent resume and a voice recording reading the script below;


Good Morning/Good Afternoon
This is calling …… from IT services am I speaking with Robert Petford Hi Robert the reason for my call today is we are calling all IT directors to see if you would be interested in outsourcing your IT department.
We deal with hundreds of companies throughout Asia and by outsourcing your IT department we can save you time and money with performing live updates to your systems, we can clean up all your computers and always make sure your computers are updated with Antivirus, spyware, and Malware without having to disturb any of your staff from doing their daily duties, our clients regularly report that this represents significant savings in time and effort for the internal team, dramatically reducing costs.

My job today is to see if your interested in the product and if we can make an appointment for one of our specialists to visit your office to show you and explain in more detail how our product works.


Budget is 2$ - 4$/Hour

Skills: marketing, english, outsourcing