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Job Description

We need to show Images [Multipage TIFF, GIF, JPG], PDF in a browser window. The window would be divided in two parts - the left part would be dedicated to showing the document and the right part [around 250px] would house additional information and actions available on this document.

1. The document will have to be streamed. For the PDFs and TIFFs we would need a drop down to move between different pages.

2. For handling the Images we would need to use ImageResizer. The same library can be used to serve PDF as well.

3. The PDFs being served would have to have the print and save options disabled based upon the parameters provided.

4. There are attribute groups defined by users in the system [consisting of attributes/attribute list of type string, int, float, date, bool ]. A document in the system would have an attribute group associated to it. and the right hand side part would allow the user to key in values/select from list [for an attribute list] - for the attribute group associated for this document. Existing values can be edited too.

5. Both the part in this window would be served by two partial views.

6. The part streaming the document would be fetching it from a service/function call that we would provide - based upon a GUID.

7. The Image resizer would be used to provide some basic operations like Zoomin / Zoom out the images.

8. We would be converting DOC/DOCX on the fly using the print as PDF functionality. If you have any experience - to make this better and simpler - you are welcome.

9. The whole task would involve jQuery - so please be sure that you are comfortable with jQuery and whether .NET or jQuery - we hate cluttered code.

The DB layer is already done and we midway through this when a key person had to quit.

For this task we are looking for Fixed bid only. You can post your questions/demos to me and I would be happy to solve those. Please note that this would involve being part of the team and would most likely resolve into a long term association - for maintenance and new feature development. Next in line is dynamic searching - to allow the user to select the attributes and apply a operator on it to form a dynamic search - more details after this task.

You can ask as many questions as required. Based upon the shortlisting we interview the right candidates.

Technology used is MVC 3, LINQ, Repository Pattern, SQL Server, Entity Framework 5.0.