Icon Illustration for iOS App

Icon Illustration for iOS App


Job Description

We need a competent graphic designer to design and illustrate 8 vector icons for our iOS App. These icons will be present in the "Home" area of our app and will represent the major features of our app.

We are a healthcare company and our iOS App helps patients communicate with doctors - our company is in the business of personalized medicine. When patients use our app, they should feel like they are using a well-made, personalized product.

Contractor Requirements:

The contractor should have strong previous experience with icon design, Adobe Illustrator, illustration, and creating vector graphics. The contractor should also have a high degree of creativity and high taste standards.

Icon Requirements:

To give you an idea of the look we're aiming for, we have attached an example of a set of hand-drawn icons that we like.

1. The icons must be hand-drawn (or made to appear hand-drawn). The hand-drawn look should be achieved through use of shading or fill strokes, not through "cartoony" lines or other "cutesy" styles.
2. The icons must be in Adobe Illustrator format (vector files).
3. The icons must be illustrated in color.
4. The icons must be very, very intuitive. The feature that each icon represents should be incredibly obvious.

Icon Styling:

1. Each icon should be proportional and visually accurate - we are not looking for "cartoony" icons.
2. The icons should look high-end. They should convey to our users that they are using a well-made, reliable product. Think Gucci, not Walmart.
3. The icons should also convey to the user that they are using a personalized product. We want a high-end look, but we don't want to be cold.
4. The icons should have a clean and simple look - do not over stylize.

**If you are interested in working with us, please respond with the following:**

1. Your process of converting open requirements into designs
2. Your initial ideas for creating an icon that represents a feature that allows patients to search for doctors.

In addition, please submit a portfolio of your previous illustration or icon work.

IMPORTANT: Applicants need to demonstrate artistic vision, if you're looking to simply retouch photos or other low-level work, this is not the job for you.

Serious creators only, please. Think of this job as an audition for more work in the future, as we're looking for someone that we can rely on in the future for great creative design as well.

Skills: design

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