Art Director

Art Director


Job Description

We’re looking for an experienced (7+ years) and talented Art Director to join our team to complete overhaul our brand message/theme and build our content including our site around the new message and theme. You will give complete freedom to be creative.

This is not a one-time project but rather, looking for a talent individual to join the team and work with on continuing basis.

Project Background:

We recently soft launched a fully developed ecommerce site for Mozaik – a producer and seller of high end Indonesia luxury bag. During the soft launch, basic design and ecommerce and payment functionalities were tested and launch. And now, we’re proceeding to next phase of the development – which is to craft a brand them and overhaul our content around the theme. Content including site design and layout, product detail page, look book and content.

In additional to above responsibility, other responsibilities for this project will also include (but not limited to):

• Help finalize a social PR/SMM go-to-market strategy and tactics
• Assist in creation of an imaging team including a retoucher
• Craft concept for TCG shooting
• Collaborate with photographer to produce TCG images and retouch to product final products

• Demonstrable results in previous Brand, PR and SMM projects are a must. Please be prepared to share past projects, results and client recommendations.
• The hours are flexible, however the Applicants must be able to jump on weekly recurrent conference call which on Hong Kong working hour.
• Have expertise in: Adobe Photoshop (CS4+), Adobe Illustrator (CS4+), Adobe InDesign (CS4+), Website design (complete site design, banner design, email design, etc.) Print design (company identity and branding, brochure, flyer, business cards, etc., and Photo enhancement, correction and editing
• Have studio/photography experience or knowledge

Project Milestone:

1. We will give you a list of sites for reference. Based on the list of the sites and our site –, you’re to produce 3 proposals of new site layout and design. This needs to be in PDF format where if I can visibly see what the new site will look at.
2. Once a proposal is chosen, we will work with you to twist it. Based on our feedbacks, you’re to product a final template where the SDE will take and code.
3. Review our existing look book, and take a look at the list of lookbook we like to product 3 drafts of ideas for the new looks. The proposal needs to be in PDF where you can visibility to us through.
4. Based on the feedbacks given, product the new lookbook.
5. Product 3 TCG images – including crafting concepts, collaborate with our photographers to take photography and retouch to product the final end TCG images.
6. Craft blog template, social media product message and email communication template.

Payment structure:

1. Milestone 1 - produce drafts of new site design and have 1 design chosen – 50 USD
2. Milestone 2 - produce final site design and received sign-off – 150 USD
3. Milestone 3 - produce drafts of new look book design and have 1 design chosen – 50 USD
4. Milestone 4 - produce final lookbook and received design sign-off – 100 USD.
5. Milestone 5 – produce 3 TCG images and received sign-off – each TCG images sign-off is $100 USD – for a total 300 USD for 3 images
6. Milestone 6 – craft blog template, social media product message and email communication template and received sign-off – 50 USD
7. New Site and content launch. Note, this would require that you collaborate with the SDE and photographer. Note, you will be responsible for producing imaging require for the content. – 75 USD

Note: Before the start of the project, you should review all our contents, and understand our products and background to craft a single theme. The build the contents around that single theme – the message need to clear and consistent.

We use a various online project management tools (Wunderlist, Skype, Adsense, etc…) for team collaboration and direction. Ability to complete projects on time and able to collaborate are critical as you will be teaming up with a team of SDE, retoucher and photographer.

Please read our entire JD before applying. Only apply, if you meets all the requirements.


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