Fix Magento Bug - Wont Re Index ( Product Flat Data ) ( Category Flat Data )

Fix Magento Bug - Wont Re Index ( Product Flat Data ) ( Category Flat Data )


Job Description


It has been hard to find a talented Magento programmer that is capable. I already hired 2 different people, and so far these issues are still not fixed.

We are ALWAYS making websites, so I really need to find the perfect programer. You must be very capable. We do complicated sites, so advanced skills are required.

Current issue:

Products are showing in category page. I am told this is because it wont re index properly. Also, extensions are not working properly.

I need to find someone who will work on this. I don't want to hire someone who spends maybe 2 hours looking into the issue, then tells me, we'll let you know if a few days, or I'm looking into this still.

I need a programer who shows some care for our business, and understands that we have a lot of care for the website. Doing just enough to get paid is not what I am looking for. I need TALENT !

I can promise to provide FULL time work as long as you are willing to give me your best.

1. You must communicate effectively.

Messages like, ok, sure, when I ask a questions are not acceptable. You must communicate.

2. If we have an urgent issue, you must work on the weekend until its fixed.

3. You must find solutions to problems. Don't tell me something like

( This is a re index issue ), then that's it, no explanation on how to fix it, or what to do next.

4. Must be willing to show up every day ready to work at least 8 hours until the task is 100% done.

I hire people, give them work, and I only see a few hours being logged, yet my task are not done.

I Need a GOOD, HARD WORKING programer.

I can offering lot of work, and a safe secure employment position with our company for the right person.

Please only apply if you are willing to work hard, and if you are capable of solving any issue in Magento. If you run into an issue you are not sure how to fix, go research, find the answer. Don't just leave me with a mess to deal with.

This needs to be the perfect partnership between me, and my programer. We need to have good chemistry, and work well together.

I DO NOT WANT TO WORK WITH A TEAM. I want to talk to the same person every day.


Skills: cache-database

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