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PHP Crawler


Job Description

Good day, unfortunately I do not speak English well. So I'd prefer not to be contacted by telephone but by email, so you can use a web translator.

I would like a quote for your help, should you choose to cooperate with you.

I have to customize a Crawler GNU / GPL done in PHP (

1) I wish that when it index or reindex a page, next to the URL come out also an image of a screenshot of the site indexed (the image must be displayed in a level if you move the mouse over the URL.).

2) Sphider allows you to enter at the time of indexing any URLs to exclude "URLs must not include," I wish that during the first indexing next to the URL to see the screenshots in the case and add a button with its URL or URL son in the field "URLs must not include", in this case the change should also delete the URL you just added but then blacklisted.

The project is simple. I rate quotes.

best regards
J. R.