Dynamic Video Playlist based on custom query

Dynamic Video Playlist based on custom query


Job Description

We need some custom work on our existing wordpress website
one the basis of a custom question we want to display a video playlist

1. We’ll have a large database of videos showing different workout exercises
a. Each video will be exactly :30sec
b. All video will be self hosted
c. Each video is tagged based on things like equipment used and body parts engaged
2. The user will be prompted to answer several questions, including how much time they have to work out, what kind of equipment they have and what body parts they want to work on
3. Once the user answers the questions, the app will find the videos that match the criteria
4. The app will then need to determine how many video ‘stations’ will be needed for the workout time frame specified by the user. For ten minutes, the app will need to run 20 video stations.
a. The app will randomly select the first video to run from the subset that was pulled when matching the criteria to the videos
b. After ‘virtually’ replacing the video, the app will randomly select the second video to run.
c. This will be repeated until the requisite number of videos is reached.
5. The app will string these videos together prior to allowing the user to ‘Run’ the workout.
6. Once the videos are strung together, the user can run the ‘workout’.

Provide a rough time estimate and cost estimate

Varun dubey