Programmer and Designer, Software Integrator

Programmer and Designer, Software Integrator


Job Description

We need a person, or team, immediately,, ready to work long hours to quickly develop a complex data base management system for a "speedfunding" site that integrates information from various on-line registration forms, which you will make live, and software products, namely SkaDate (with Chuppa add-ons), which we will use for "revolving speed funding sessions via Webcam and with instantant translation. There will also be a SKype-based conferencing tech to install and intgegrate as well as events and payment software. Finally we will need a likely WP-based content management system installed for design of page 1 and one sub-domain. You should also know how to design decently and work templates into your design and speak English fluently enough so as to interact with Western software technical support networks from the software companies. We need this done by March 1. It is a project based payment of 6,500.00, due either at completion. However, we are willing to pay half NOT UP FRONT but as soon as you have worked efficiently and shown your capabilities for at least 5 straight days in a row. If you are not 100 percent comfortable in the knowledge that you can do all of this and willing to work on the price-basis described, you need not apply. If you do this project well, we will retain you for the minimum period of 2 months after its completion to administer and optimize the site.

Again, please apply only if you truly know how to do the things listed above and have some professional experience. Thanks.

Skills: management, design, english, software-development