Job Description

To develop a fully responsive, social, mobile, web app.
Around 200-250 hours work.


What you need the contractor to do:
Using PHP Symfony2, SASS,HTML5 - to follow the desing and architecture that has been specifed in the accompanying documentation.

This will be the foundation for iOS and Android apps in later months - so it needs to be as responsive as possible to gestures , swiping etc.

Development framework includes PHP / Symfony2, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, SASS

What you think a successful engagement will look like for you as a client:

The app - HolyJo - has been fully planned, architected and designed by a team in London. You will provide most of the build and liaise with the senior developer (Jordan) and founder (Rupert)

You must be able and willing to very closely follow the design and technical specification provided. Months of work have gone into this so far. This is not a new / start from the beginning project.

The following documentation will provided
1. Full Technical Spec - this is divided into 10 modules.
2. Development and design values doc
3. Full task lists for each module
4. Design / CSS files - full design work has been done.
5. Database Models for each module
6. Prototype of app that can be clicked through on invisionapp.com
7.Commercial agreement

Estimated to be 200-250 hours work.

Propose a payment / acceptance per modules completed as per commercial document. $4000 total.

The first module (the Menu) must be done as a trial at reduced cost to ensure that you are able to perform at the highest standards to produce code that is:

a. working well, bug free
b. optimised for scale and speed
c. complies with tech and design values - looks beautiful / works beautifuly
d. on time
e. good understanding of english and ability to skype / google hangout with british senior developer
f. ability to intergrate with the the work done so far.

Why the right contractor should be interested in the job:

You are interested in social,mobile and creating excellent UI & UX products.
You love development challenges and have substantial experince building mobiel web apps using PHP Symfony, SASS, MySQL.
You can handle back end / model & front end development.

Any questions or info you want the contractor to include in their application:
Show us examples of PHP Symfony mobile web apps you have developed.

Check out prototype on invision here:


to use this you need to click on the grey circles - it makes more sense if i can talk you through it

see website for overview here: www.prayerlabs.org

I will share on google drive all the documentation mentioned above to the right candidates.

I expect to google hangout with you regularly - and at the beginning to walk you through the prototype

Please include the phrase "I love Symfony2 and SASS" in your response.

Skills: mobile-application-development, english, design

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