Need new Solar Sales Installation and finacing site designed

Need new Solar Sales Installation and finacing site designed


Job Description

We are looking for a new seo friendly site that looks a lot like
We want people to be able to easily contact us through the site through web forms. We want the site to look clean. We would also like to integrate the site with our crm tool salesforce and energyperiscope. We need someone who is very very good at graphic design. We want to use the effect that square has. They have one picture over another. The background picture is blury and artistic and the upfront picture is very crisp. We are looking for full graphic design and web development. We need to be able to lead capture, integrate youtube or other videos, and add content in our education section. The education section should work like a blog. We need to link to twitter, facebook, google+, linkedin and would like posts that we ad in the education section to show up in all of those places.

We would like tabs for "about us" "contact us" "sign up" "news and eductation" "how solar works" "Zero Down" "Commerical" "careers" "how do we offer zero down" "the envronment" "government rebates"

Skills: design, youtube, twitter, facebook, linkedin