Demographic research and reporting on results

Demographic research and reporting on results


Job Description

Research and report results to inform a demographic study. The focus of the demographic study will provide informed decisions regarding the need and suitability of the site for a school based on demographic trends, housing needs, and pupil yields in the local area.

Some data has been collected. Need help retrieving supplementary data collection from 2011 and 2006 Canadian census information related to population, housing, and assess student projections within the study area.

Person should be able to access statistics data at the census tract level from Statistics Canada.

Report results in a demographic report identifying number of existing homes, future residential housing, income, ethnicity, family structure. Need assistance to analyse the findings, prepare graphs or tables, develop a 5-10 page report of the findings.

Must have knowledge of urban planning, land use planning, and school accomodations.