Custom Web-browser needed ASAP!

Custom Web-browser needed ASAP!


Job Description

We need a custom web-browser built for iPhone.

The iPhone App must be able to:
- Display a splash screen
- Send notifications to users
- Read a website's HTML files and display it correctly like SAFARI would (with back and forward buttons, but no address window)
- Read an HTML file built into the app like SAFARI would (with back and forward buttons, but no address window)
- Read and display correctly an RSS feed at a web-address
- Display an ad
- Display images (swipable) like the photo's app

The above web-browser will serve as a template app, for publishing on the App Store, but also for modification by us and re-publishing on the App Store for our clients. We also want to be able to switch ads on or off, and choose different ad providers (and rotate them using AdMob)

We will therefor also need step-by-step instructions on modifying the HTML file included with the app, and pointing the app to different websites and RSS feeds that we specify.

In addition we will need step-by-step instructions on creating provisioning files for testing the apps, as well as step-by-step instructions for compiling the app and uploading it to the app store. (We would like to upload the first app, with guidance from you). We need guidance on hardware and software needed for the compiling an iPhone app (we aren't programmers).

All the step-by-step instructions should be screencasts with comments.

Ideally we would like a desktop application that can modify the app icon, splash screen, images, Ad providers, the HTML file(s) and Web addresses the app points to (normal and RSS feeds). We will need a separate quote for this.


The CA-ONE team