Custom File/Image Server For Photographers

Custom File/Image Server For Photographers


Job Description

I need to have a custom image/file file server created that has the following features:

1) Upload large files, a minimum of 70mb per file
2) Ability to upload large batches of files
3) Ability to download large files in batches. These files can be download individually or as one large zip file or multiple smaller zip files.
4) Ability to create folders and folders within folder
5) Ability to edit name of folder and files
6) Ability to provide a unique URL for a specific file(s) or folder that would allow someone to download the folder or file(s) directly
7) Create permissions to allow specific users access to individual images as well as entire folders
8) Ability to create user accounts and edit those accounts
9) Ability to change user account permissions (Read or Read and Write permissions)
10) Most importantly when a file or folder is deleted from system the MUST also be deleted from the server.
11) Appearance should be similar to my current color schemes.
12) Need a meter to display how much space is left on the server

This project needs to be completed as quickly as possible! When responding to my job posting please indicate when you can have this completed.

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