Set-up, configure and harden & secure dedicated server and install LAMP

Set-up, configure and harden & secure dedicated server and install LAMP


Job Description

Small non profit organization looking for expert IT guru to help us set up, configure and harden/secure our dedicated server and install LAMP

Our site is a free speech / multi media/video sharing and social networking site with the mission to help our members to connect, collaborate and create projects and impact for positive change world wide via our open source activist tools and services.

We will be hosted via a top of the line dedicated server out of Iceland, due to the countries free speech laws.

Ideal candidate is able to set up and harden server, work with our hosting company to maximize security and possibly ( right candidate) continue to be available for any future security monitoring needs and / or consulting

current tasks needed to be completed asap:
Dedicated server set up , configuration and hardening
consult with our host company to maximize security
Install LAMP

Max Budget is $250 but looking for better offers if possible.
There are companies doing this quite cheap, but we prefere not to go that route.

Additionally, we are also interested in possible long time server security monitoring set-up and services.

for the monthly server monitoring, we are hoping to be able to get a reduced "non-profit" rate or sponsorship of this service in exchange for advertising on our site.

Skills: video, ethical-hacking