Person to Design Website Needed

Person to Design Website Needed


Job Description

I need someone to finish the design of a desktop and mobile site for my iPhone unlocking website. I would like the mobile site to be based off iWebKit 5 for mobile devices and a desktop template I already have. The site needs to have an API implemented as well. The current site is

Here are my thoughts on what it should look like:

Desktop Site:
-Uses my current template ( <----HAVE TO USE THIS
-Integrates the API (listCarrier, performOrder)
-Integrates PayPal API to perform orders like the current site/ integrates into the template
-Has a FAQ, Buy Now, Privacy Policy, etc.

Mobile Site:
-iWebKit 5 (a iOS themed mobile site) (example at
-If not iWebKit, something modern that resembles the desktop site
-Integrates API (listCarrier, performOrder)
-Integrates PayPal API
-Basically same as desktop but mobile

Thank you for taking the time to review this job posting and I look forward to working with one of you in the future!