I am a new in Internet Business hope anyone can help

I am a new in Internet Business hope anyone can help


Job Description

I want to create a software
the purpose of the software : make a video presentation about what their dream

why I want to create this software?
I mention that anyone who falied to go to their goals is because of LACK of CLARITY what they want... so the client will makes their personal dream as their own creativity.

they just answer the question and fill the picture what they want
at the end they will get the video of their dream and could use the video for them self maybe as a visualisation or a reminder of their goals

looks like?
you can see animoto.com, or ezvid

What the concept?
free version : client build the dream theirselves
Premium : I will give premium coach, book to build the dream step by step

What I want from the software:
for client : video
for me : I got the data what they want, so I can give them coaching properly, the data will be recieved because the client will tell what they really want.

I don't know because I am a new comer so please give me the fair price

I want to execute the idea ASAP, but If I found that it will takes time to build it, that's OK... not too urgent

Skills: video, coaching