jQuery developer needed for Timeline plugin adaptation

jQuery developer needed for Timeline plugin adaptation


Job Description

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We are looking for a JS/JQuery developer to adapt balance media's awesome vertical timeline jQuery plugin for a ruby on rails project.

prior experience preferred would be with jQuery plugin, Isotope, Tabletop.js, Handlebars.js, expertise with css, bootstraps and RoR asset pipeline.


1) The current timeline took data from google doc through Tabletop.js. the adaption would take data from RoR models, for example, for a simple topic and comments model:

Topic ( title; excerpt; content; picture; created at ...) has many comment/belongs user
Comment( content; picture; created at ...) belongs to topic/beongs to user
Users( name; email; picture ...) has many topics & comments

through the adaption the awesome vertical timeline can be called in a .html.erb through:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
Topic: @Topic.find_by_id(12)

2) the project built using bootstrap while the current timeline style through style.css. the adoption would require to change certain styling so that the adaption use as much bootstrap styling as possible and blend in well with current project.

3) current timeline is non-responsive, the adaption is requires responsiveness through bootstrap (should be fairly easy)


[sample site] http://builtbybalance.com/github-timeline/

[JQuery plugin] https://github.com/MinnPost/jquery-vertical-timeline

[original timeline project] https://github.com/balancemedia/Timeline