Expert web designer needed

Expert web designer needed


Job Description

We are looking to have our current website revamped. Our current website is very “simple” and drastically needs some creativity infused. We are looking to have a website created which is very inviting and engaging to our consumers. Our current website is . We would like to try to incorporate our logo (top left image of website) in to the design if possible.
We are a Las Vegas, NV water treatment company which services water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, residential, and commercial.
Please design the site to accommodate a menu to handle about 12 different pages:
• Home
• About Us
• Products (which will branch off to several sub pages
• Blog
• Testimonials
• Contact us
• Articles
• Las Vegas Water
• Realtors & Property Management
• Newsletter
• Manuals & Troubleshooting

Any other design advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


This job will be a fixed payment. The first job will be to design an amazing and engaging home page which can be added to. If your design is the best then we would like to hire you to design the rest of the website. Please send references of previous work completed.

Skills: design, management, troubleshooting

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