Develop a App that integrates with Price Books

Develop a App that integrates with Price Books


Job Description

Looking for a developer who knows Salesforce and the platform.
The contractor will complete the following:

1. Develop on a database that integrates with Price Books

2. The database will have a master relationship with Accounts

3. Each account can add US Zip Codes to their database

4. Then each account can add Zones to their database

5. Then zip codes will be grouped into the zones created

6. Finally, Price Books must be assigned to Accounts and Zones.

7. A search box will be created where a user can type in a zip code. The pricebook associated to the zip code & zone entered will be presented and the user will be able to select products from that price book only.


Account named DEMO will add zip code: 08723, 08755, 07701, 08899, 01117.

Then Account DEMO will add zones: Zone #1, Zone#2, Zone#3

Then Account DEMO will assign zip codes to Zones. For example: Zone # 1 = 08723, 08755.

Then Account Demo will add Price Books and assign them to zones.

Price Book # 1 = Zone # 1
Price Book # 2 = Zone # 2
Price Book # 3 = Zone # 3

Then if zip code 08723 is entered in the search box it will bring up Price Book # 1 because 08723 is associated to Zone # 1 which Price Book 1 is attached to.


Freelancer will create a database with zip codes and zones. Zones are made up of Zip Codes. Then Zones are associated to Salesforce Price Books. The zip code entered will bring up the Price Book associated to the zip code in that zone.


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