Wordpress/Amazon S3/Cloud Developer

Wordpress/Amazon S3/Cloud Developer


Job Description

I have a partially built PPV video web site and need an experienced Wordpress Web Developer to help complete it. This will require a developer who has strong experience not just installing Wordpress plug-ins, but also implementing custom code within a Wordpress environment. This will not be a cookie-cutter job. They will also need to understand streaming video and how to ensure video is encrypted, secure and only viewable to paying site registered viewers as well as ensuring the video playback is optimized and compatible cross-platform ((mp4/html5 and flv/Apple)

This site will be using Amazon S3, Cloudfront and the JW player for video storage/delivery. JW player has a module for Wordpress.

Here is how site will flow:

Site visitors will browse PPV videos (purchases will be one time fee, per video). PPV videos will contain thumbnail/preview/descriptive captions . If visitor wants to purchase a PPV, they will need to do a simple registration with email and password. They will go through shopping cart and purchase the video. They will get an email confirmation. They will be then able to go to their My Account area to view their order history and have access to the purchase video, The secured video URL access will be accessible only within My Account. URL and access to video will be available for 1 year from date of purchase and then expire.

In addition, the shopping cart will need to integrate with an Affiliate section so the video owners get a percentage of every purchase. Video owners will be able to log in and view real time status of any of their videos (only their videos) that were purchased and see their payout totals)

So...main stages of this project

1) Create a an opening page video gallery (using a WP plug-in) for site visitors to browse PPV videos. This site will host hundreds of full-length videos (average 60 to 120 mins in length) so the video gallery will need to be robust in search options for visitors (search categories/subcategories defined by admin as well as a keyword search field)

2) Create a simple registration process for site visitors who want to purchase a PPV video.

3) Create a shopping cart that integrates with an Affiliate module (possibly Affiliates Pro/Woocommerce or Wishlist Member and their Affiliate plug-in..I am hoping you can review all options and we can discuss the best solution. I see a lot of different plug-ins but not sure which best will all work and play nice with each other to accomplish the final solution.

4) Create a My Account area for members to access their order history and videos (this will also have to integrate with existing blog and events section already implemented onto site)

I think that covers it. I am not looking for the cheapest offer. I am looking for someone who knows what they are doing, tests their work very well before presenting to me, communicates very well and is an awesome custom Wordpress scripter who likes a good challenge and can do things out of the box. It will also be nice if you have a good design sense (you know how keep the site clean and follow the main design theme and use eye pleasing spacing around images and text, etc)

I would like to know how your experience is a good fit for this. If you just respond with a resume, I will most likely not contact you back. I need to know you understand the scope of this project and why you think you'd be the best candidate. If you have questions before you want to bid, feel free to ask.

You will need to be available via Google Talk and you will need to be able to commit a minimum of 20 hours a week on this.

U.S. residents preferred but not necessary. But you have to have very good English communication skills.

Very anxious to move forward. Thanks!

Skills: amazon, video, english, design